Certification Course in Anchoring

The 21st century has witnessed exponential growth in digital media. The advent of digital media and an increase in the number of channels, which telecasts information of varied genres, the industry has seen an evolution of traditional media roles. An ‘Anchor’ is usually either a presenter, co-ordinator or host. Anchoring is an art of presenting and coordinating an event in front of a live audience or for a TV Program.

Career of an anchor is one that commands immense popularity. He/she should understand the script and audience, along with a good presence of mind and a charming personality are some traits of a successful anchor. Anchoring has emerged as a popular career option in the country with the entry of satellite channels, with several news as well as entertainment channels coming up day by day.

Anchoring has three types

Stage Anchoring
News Anchoring
Programme Anchoring

Stage Anchoring

Stage anchors present live events, News anchor/program anchors present news or programs in entertainment media or news media.

News anchoring

TV news anchors present news in different languages - national, regional and other different languages. In a 24 hours news channel, there is a lot of scheming and preparation incorporated behind the scene, and almost every news bulletin.

Programme anchoring

Program anchors focus toward entertainment programs such as award functions, any competition shows, comedy shows, film-based shows, cooking shows, reality shows, sports, crime reports or talk shows and debates etc.

Anchoring is a profession that requires wit and wisdom, persistence and presence of mind. Young people who have new ideas, concepts and are enthusiastic are ideal for such professions. In order to make them warm, friendly, spontaneous, dynamic and endowed with communication skills one needs formal training.

The BAAFTA Anchoring Certification Course curriculum covers the various aspects such as

Public Speaking: Showing how to hold an audience's attention, demonstrating how to control body language, breathing and articulation
Communication Skills – Voice Modulation and command over language
Duties and responsibilities while news reading, understanding the news scripts and news agenda
Examples of anchors work and detailed analysis of their styles
Talk Show Host and moderating an event
Do’s & Don’ts
Techniques - Reporting a news & Interviewing, transcription & scripting
Different Reporting styles- Political, Entertainment, Crime, Sports & Business


BAAFTA is one of the premier and best acting schools in Bangalore which offers courses on anchoring as well, in addition to Film Making, Acting and Theatre.

At BAAFTA, we believe there is an inherent talent in everyone, and we are simply helping them to rediscover themselves.

Our core team has over 2 decades of experience
BAAFTA offers anchoring classes in both English and Kannada language
Individual attention is provided to all students
Practical classes at live shows will be arranged by BAAFTA
Internship will be provided from BAAFTA

What are my career options after the Certificate in Anchoring Course?

To become a successful anchor, you need to have a lot of passion, enthusiasm and energy and possess certain skills like articulation, versatility, dynamism, excellent voice modulation, great sense of humor. Our curriculum at BAAFTA help you in achieving all this and have a booming career in the field of anchoring.

The demand for anchors is immense as there are a lot of music and dance shows, talk shows, crime-related reports shows, award ceremonies, comedy shows, cookery episodes, quiz competitions, reality shows and more.

Public Speaking
Voice Overs for commercials & Voice Dubbing (Corporate Videos, Educational videos & Documentaries)
Commentator in Sports Events
Talk Shows & Reality shows
EMCEE for functions

Eligibility and Course Fees

The student must go thru an interview and audition for the institute to analyze the student’s capabilities before enrolling for anchoring courses at BAAFTA. At the end of course you will be nurtured to master the art of public speaking and you will be able to get over all your stage fears and be an effective speaker, ace presenter along with a certificate from BAAFTA. Our acting school course fees are reasonable compared to other schools.

Learn the required skills, the attitude that will put you in limelight to steal the show. Master your skills in stage presence, mannerism, sharpen your speech, fluency skills and different techniques such as tone, your intonation and pitch, that keep your audiences glued to you and you have their attention.